Hungary - MFGI

Magyar Földtani és Geofizikai Intézet(Geological and Geophysical Institute ofHungary)

The Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary (MFGI) was established in April 2012, merging the former Geological Institute of Hungary (MÁFI, est. 1869) and the Eötvös Loránd Geophysical Institue (ELGI, est. 1907). MFGI is a public research institute operating under the Ministry of National Development. MFGI's mission is to support Hungary's economic competitiveness, the effectiveness of public services and policy by providing up-to-date geoscientific information for the government and the society. As a national geological and geophysical survey MFGI is responsible to advance geoscientific knowledge of Hungary's landmass by systematic acquisition, interpretation, management and dissemination of geoscientific data. The current number of employees is 170, most of them highly qualified researchers in various fields of geology, geophysics, environmental sciences, and IT technology. MFGI core activity focuses on potential assessment and preparation of concessions for various mineral resources, especially energy-related (hydrocarbon, geothermal, coal), but also REE, as well as geological storage of carbon-dioxide and subsurface gas storage and geo- hazards.

MFGI has profound international experience by participating indifferent types of EU projects, currently in FP7:

  • DORIS – Ground Deformation Risk Scenarios: an Advanced Assessment Service; 
  • PANGEO – Enabling Access to Geological Information in Support of GMES; 
  • CGS – Pan-European coordination Action on carbon dioxide geological storage ),
  •  IEE (Geo-DH – Promote geothermal district heating in Europe), ICT PSP (EuroGeoSource – EU Information and Policy Support System for Sustainable Supply of Europe with Energy and Mineral Resources; 
  • ThermoMap – Area mapping of superficial geothermic resources by soil and groundwater data), South-East Europe Program(SNAP-SEE – Sustainable Aggregates Planning in South-East Europe). 
In addition MFGI is project leader of TRANSENRERGY (Trans boundary geothermal energy resources of Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Slovakia) running in Central Europe Program.

Lead person:
Dr. Annamária Nador Senior geologist at MFGI