EGIP- European Geothermal Information Platform

The Geothermal ERA-NET has worked on a Pilot Project for a European Geothermal Information Platform (EGIP). A new website with information on EGIP has been launched.

The EGIP pilot is the result of a Joint Activity carried out in the frame of the Geothermal ERA-NET coordination project supported by European Union's Seventh Programme.

The core function of the EGIP is to organize geothermal data and information at a European scale.

The EGIP pilot is aimed to demonstrate the platform capabilities and usefulness to the main geothermal actors in Europe (i.e., scientists, politics and industrial)

Creating an EGIP now that the INSPIRE directive are being implemented has several benefits:

  • Guaranteed data interoperability: retrieval, viewing and access of information from partners/providers.
  • Harmonizes geothermal domain at a European level.
  • Efficiency, data linked directly to national databases.
  • Guaranteed ownership: data belong to and stay in the country they are related to. Each country decides what to share and what to keep private.
  • Durability and maintainability, since this is information is directly related to national data sources.
  • Economically viable, requiring only coordination with what each country would need to develop.
  • Productivity, by covering all published data, long term. 

 More about results you can find at following link-->  REPORT on EGIP web survey

European Geothermal Information Platform