NWW- New Ways of Working

objective of this activity is to improve the synergies between different players in the field of geothermal utilisation and improved funding in R&D and project financing.

Tasks are done to strengthen European geothermal development for economic opportunities, energy security and mitigate climate change. A better understanding of this financial landscape is beneficial to all stakeholders in defining the barriers and recommend practical solutions, e.g. to prioritise in future joint calls, increase investments and growth of geothermal projects in Europe.

A regular R&D&I knowledge exchange between all geothermal stakeholders will enhance cooperation and lower non-technical barriers for joint projects and ultimately yield subsequent joint programming and ERA-NET-style funding instruments

The Joint Activity "New Ways of Working" goals are to improve in the working practice of national funding institutions and the collaboration with their European counterparts.

The process focuses on:

  1. Analysis the financial instruments that are available and how they operate –  map the operational structure of the different national funding bodies, including policy and funding rules in R&D and industrial projects.
  2. Highlighting the main barriers and opportunities, and how these instruments can more easily work together.

More about the project here

Target Group: 
Funding Agencies, Policy Makers, EERA and other national key players among researchers, Industry players & start-ups, creative + multidisciplinary thinkers.

Steering Committee and Participants

  • Leader 1A-  Iceland/ OS 
  • Leader 1B- Iceland/ Rannis
  • Leader 2-  Switzerland

  1. Partner- Portugal 
  2. Partner-  The Netherlands 
  3. Partner- Germany
  4. Partner- Slovakia
  5. Partner- Hungary
  6. Partner- Turkey
  7. Partner- Italy
  8. Partner Slovenia