Geostat- International Collection of Geothermal Energy Statistics


Data on geothermal energy is collected by various international organizations. These collections are based on questionnaires which are different although the objective is to collect the same data. Due to these differences the same data can be misunderstood, misinterpreted and give wrong signals. Therefore a common ground is needed to enable use and comparison of energy statistics, increase reliability, security and decrease fragmentation in line with the aim of these organizations, motions and regulations.

Joint activity proposes objectives with measurable indicators and possible way of achieving them with following solutions:

  • Interactive review process of data submissions
  • Aiming at defining clear and measurable indicators for each objective, identifying how Geostat could contribute
  • Reducing discrepancies and facilitate harmonization of geothermal energy statistics

GeoStat collaborators focus on the connections and starting the review process in cooperation to make the terminology clearer.

Target Group:
Organizations that gather the statistical data and national statistics energy agencies within EEA.

More information about the project can be found in this report

Steering Committee and Participants

  • Leader 1 Iceland 
  • Leader 2 Hungary

  1. Partner Germany 
  2. Partner Italy