Stimulating Innovative Ideas in Geothermal Utilization

The New Concepts Joint Activity is a working group of the Geothermal ERA-NET on a mission to stimulate creative concepts for European innovators in geothermal utilization and technology.

The group is looking at opportunities in direct utilization of low enthalpy geothermal energy such as geothermal heat & cool for smart cities, food production, and cosmetics. The activities will create cooperation between the CleanTech sector and the European business network and will showcase successful innovative projects.

Joint activity focuses on:

  •  Showcase and contribute to the awareness of opportunities in the geothermal sector and stimulate growth of the geothermal industry in Europe
  • Stimulate the generation of new ideas and create new opportunities with regard to direct utilization of low enthalpy geothermal energy and geothermal technology
  • Encourage collaboration and knowledge exchange between existing projects and companies working on "Geothermal New Concepts"
  • Crucial is showing and stimulating new opportunities

More about the project please find in presentation

Target group:
Innovative Industry players & start-ups, creative, multidisciplinary thinkers, new entrants to the geothermal community     

Steering Committee  and Participants

  • Leader 1-  Iceland 
  • Leader 2-  The Netherlands
  1. Partner- Italy 
  2. Partner-  Switzerland 
  3. Partner- Azores
  4. Partner- Hungary 
  5. Partner- Iceland/ Rannis 
  6. Partner- France/ BRGM 
  7. Partner- Slovenia