OPERA- Operational Issues of Geothermal Installations

The major advantage of geothermal energy over other renewable energy sources is the time and site independent availability of the geothermal resource. To use this advantage, the operational availability of geothermal energy installations has to be stable on a high level.

Scaling and material corrosion for instance, are issues in many geothermal areas in Europe. All these issues lead to breakdown times due to necessary repair or service works. Also other issues like high gas content of the thermal brine or reinjection issues have to be discussed.

The OpERA working group brings together the national experts (Plant owners, project developers, researchers) to provide an overview of potential solutions, like adapted materials in the geothermal installation, the use of inhibitors or optimized pipe geometries or well design. Therefore OpERA provides a platform for technical knowledge exchange to solve Operational issues on a European base.

More about the project here or in the report here

Target Group:
Plant owners, Experts, Project developers, Industry, Research

Steering Committee and Participants

  • Leader 1 Germany 
  • Leader 2 The Netherlands
  1. Partner- Hungary 
  2. Partner- Iceland 
  3. Partner- Italy 
  4. Partner- Slovenia