WP7 - Implementation in joint activity


To recommend sustainable structures for transnational policy coordination and project funding in geothermal research (post ERA-NET). Planning and executing trans-national funding activities require agreements on themes of projects and on all relevant implementation and administrative issues. This WP will provide the partners with a strong, commonly agreed framework and a joint funding scheme that will be consistent with applicable national legal rules and regulations.

To develop a contractual framework, the WP will take advantage of pre-existing processes and documents from other ERA-Net programmes and – based on those - will develop specific processes (e.g. selection criteria and guidelines for evaluators). An ex-post evaluation of the first transnational action/call for proposals, to be made within this ERA-NET, will be also provided.

Through a step-by-step coordination of a joint action/call, the consortium will ensure the visibility of the integration process at policy maker's level as well as in the scientific community.