ReSus- Specific geothermal properties in Reservoir Sustainability


To foster sustainable and safe use of geothermal reservoirs as well as increase the lifetime of the resource, boreholes and system components, it is very important to understand the physical properties of the reservoir rocks and fluids and their interaction during the exploitation process.

The Joint Activity (JA) "ReSus" will set up a platform to study geothermal reservoir sustainability taking into account, as starting point, the tasks which have been addressed in Annex I by IEA-GIA and the results of an international workshop on sustainability modelling held in late 2008 in Taupo (NZ).

 Comparing the current practice used by the operators, highlighting the best solutions and studying the unsuccessful cases, we will animate a fruitful debate to capture the current state-of-the-art and explore possible scenarios for future economic and sustainable exploitations. Beyond the scientific community, the topic of such a JA clearly interests regulatory authorities and operators who seek to implement sustainable development strategies. Consequently, it will be very important to involve, along with the Geo ERA-NET community, regulatory authorities, the EERA-JPGE as well as the European geothermal operators.

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Target Group
Research, Industry, Project developer


  • Leader 1-  Italy
  • Leader 2-  France

  1. Partner- Germany
  2. Partner-  Iceland
  3. Partner- Switzerland 
  4. Partner- Hungary 
  5. Partner- Turkey