Second Periodic Report from Era Net



In June 2015 has been issued a second periodic report of Geothermal ERA- NET cooperation achievements in past three fruitful years.

The report combines overview from all seven work packages between November 2013 and April 2015. Period focuses and achieves deeper cooperation of national program owners and administrators and thus be an enabler for the integration of national research and development agendas into a coherent European geothermal R&D program.

The leaders of the work packages developed and implemented the communication strategy and associated plans. Work package leaders were primary face of the ERA-NET and allow member states to deliver a coherent European geothermal R&D programme. This involves the communication and dissemination of ERA-NET results; including positioning the ERA-NET in the European context and assisting national programme owners in achieving the required visibility.

Important milestones have been reached, and various activities have taken place, e.g. several working groups and reports evaluating different aspect of the geothermal sector as a step towards policy recommendation and implementation of joint activities. The focus of our work has been among other on following elements:

  • Exchange information on the status of geothermal energy.
  • Lay groundwork to create a European Geothermal Information Platform.
  • Highlight barriers and recommend practical solutions.
  • Communicate with principal stakeholders and enhance public awareness on the added value and benefits of geothermal scientific and policy issues.
  • Increase transnational collaboration in research training and mobility.

The program strengthen geothermal sector and its development as one of the three important EU pillars. Linking together the geothermal industry pillar, the research pillar and the policy pillar by increasing cooperation and consultation between those pillars and stakeholders to strengthen geothermal assessment and policy recommendation.

The program moves into high level coordination activities with national government and EC stakeholders providing the necessary outreach to form coherent geothermal policies and provide input into European strategic energy technology planning and implementation. During the past 36 months of the project, consortium used €1,2MM out of estimated €2,4MM, which translates into 51% of the total budget of the project being used. This is less than expected as we are about 75% of the project duration. However, an important element of upcoming work is the facilitation of joint activities and possible joint calls of the Geothermal ERA-NET members to a Europe-wide body, where costs increase further

More about the report please read here

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