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12.10.2016 : Joint Activities new reports

The ultimate goal of the ERA-NET is to develop transnational joint activities ensuring that results from the analysis of national RD&D programs are used. Gaps were eliminated, existing strengths enhanced by competitively awarded Europewide RD&D projects.

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15.9.2016 : New report from New Concepts Team

Proceedings of the Geothermal ERANET/ IEA Geothermal Joint Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland

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25.8.2016 : Latin America Symposium at the GeoTHERM

IGA and IEA Geothermal offer a platform for strategic Latin America market information & technology cooperation

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3.8.2016 : European Geothermal Congress 2016

Congratulations to the Geothermal ERA-NET Team on submitting the paper at EGC the largest geothermal event in Europe, characterizing as a unique event for the entire geothermal community...

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