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Proceedings of the Geothermal ERANET/ IEA Geothermal Joint Workshop, Geneva, Switzerland

This report presents the proceedings of the workshop "New Concepts – new and innovative applications of geothermal energy" that was held in Geneva, Switzerland on October 30, 2016.

The workshop was organised by the Geothermal ERA-NET together with IEA Geothermal. These two multi-national organisation recognised a mutual interest in "New concepts" with a focus on concepts for heating and cooling, but not excluding new developments in electricity generation from geothermal energy. 

The aim of the workshop was to bring together new ideas and inspire each other with what is innovative throughout the world in geothermal energy utilisation. The workshop had four sessions with presentations on "new concepts", highlighting Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), direct use applications in the built environment, direct use applications in the industry and other sectors, and a session where direct use applications worldwide were in focus. The closing session considered the future of geothermal. The closing session of the meeting showed that there is much potential for expansion of geothermal energy through smart and innovative applications.

An important conclusion of the meeting was that there is scope for a joint call for a demonstration of new concepts in geothermal. The Geothermal ERANET countries and a number of new European partners have therefore joined forces in a follow-on proposal, for the ERANET Cofund GEOTHERMICA

More about results and findings you can read at the following link-->New Concepts Proceeding


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