Joint Activities new reports

Six new reports from Geothermal Era-Net JA have been released


The ultimate goal of the ERA-NET is to develop transnational joint activities ensuring that results from the analysis of national RD&D programs are used. Gaps were eliminated, existing strengths enhanced by competitively awarded Europewide RD&D projects.

The Geothermal ERA-NET participants' primary role as governmental entities provides a unique opportunity to engage - with high priority and in a concerted manner throughout Europe – principal stakeholders across the geothermal energy value chain ranging from grant-receiving members of the research community to industry actors that develop and deploy geothermal technologies. As funding agencies and governmental administration, the ERA-NET participants can be one of the lead drivers towards European cooperation.

Partners have been summarising transnational activities and results can bee read in the following six reports:

  1. Joint Activity OpERA - Operational issues in Geothermal Energy in Europe, Status, and overview 
  2. Joint Activity OpERA - Appendix 1 - The "Magna Carta"  
  3. Joint Activity PRGeo - Workshop content and discussion results 
  4. Joint Activity ReSuS - Survey results and next steps  
  5. Joint Activity ReSuS - Appendix 1 (Responses)  
  6. Joint Activity EGIP Expert Group Report
More to see under Joint Activities Results LINK


Partners during the closing meeting of Geothermal ERA-NET in Moravskie Toplice, Slovenia 2016

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