Geothermal ERA-NET ends


In the end of October 2016 the journey with Geothermal ERA-NET has finished. Strength and experience of participating countries moved into new challenges.

A year 2012, the year the Geothermal ERA-NET was launched, marks a watershed. For the first time national and regional geothermal energy research program owners and managers from 10 European countries have come together to launch the Geothermal ERA-NET with the support of the European Commission. 

Member countries of the Geothermal ERA-NET have recognized that ambitions and achievements reflect the ambitions of their national energy policies as well as that of the European Commission expressed through the Energy Union, and the SET-Plan Integrated Roadmap with its key actions. 

The Geothermal ERA-NET has achieved the critical milestone of a continued formal collaboration of national program owners and managers. Four years of intensive exchange and collaboration on research policies, programming, funding instruments and frequent interpersonal exchange have enabled the formation of strong relationships among participants.  

ERA-NET Cofund Actions under Horizon 2020 support joint programming initiatives of European countries, in their preparation, establishment of networking structures, design, implementation and coordination of joint activities as well as Union topping-up of a trans-national call for proposals.

To this effect, 16 geothermal energy research and innovation programme owners and managers from 13 countries have come together and have formulated a plan to develop GEOTHERMICA as an ERA-NET Cofund Action. 

GEOTHERMICA has been submitted in April 2016 to the European Commission for consideration as an official and sanctioned ERA-NET Cofund Action and has received a positive endorsement. Pending the signature of the Grant and Consortium Agreements, GEOTHERMICA will be launched on 1 January 2017. Participating research and innovation program owners and managers hail from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. 

Hence the Geothermal ERA-NET has also achieved one of its major aims, which is to grow and onboard European program managers and owners – thus strengthening the ERA-NET role of a central pillar supporting Europe's geothermal sector.

More information available at

Project No: 731117
Start Date: 01/01/2017
Project Duration: 60 months
More information on EU-System can be found on the Horizon 2020 website.For additional information please contact the Project Coordinator at the GEOTHERMICA Office 
Contact point: GEOTHERMICA Office, Iceland

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