European Geothermal Congress 2016

Paper submitted 


Congratulations to the Geothermal ERA-NET Team on submitting the paper at EGC the largest geothermal event in Europe, characterizing as a unique event for the entire geothermal community...


EGC 2016 is a unique opportunity for the entire geothermal community to come together and to learn, finding new ways to progress. Organised every 3 years, EGC is the largest geothermal event in Europe. It is a week of varied events designed to appeal and support and develop everyone working in the field, both in and outside the continent.

Submitted paper features "European cooperation on geothermal research through the GEOTHERMAL ERA-NET" and will have its oral presentation given at the conference in Strasbourg upcoming September 2016.

Paper available at the following link



Geothermal ERANET  is supported by the fund from the European Union's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 291866.

The Geothermal ERANET team would like to thank all partners for their active and flexible participation to writing paper: Gudni A. Jóhannesson, Hjalti P. Ingólfsson, Gunter Siddiqi, Paul Ramsak, Gerdi Breembroek, Adela Manzella, Eugenio Trumpy, Stephan Schreiber, Baldur Pétursson, Alicja W. Stoklosa, Sigurdur Björnsson, Philippe Calcagno, Martino, Lacirignola, Andrej Lapanje, Annamaria Nador, Matilde Cunha, Jana Stadtruckerová, Kaan Karaoz.

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