New Concepts Joint Activity in Geneva

Workshop in Geneva on October 30, 2016 


Innovative applications in geothermal energy utilisation was an amazing one day event in Geneva, focused on New and Innovative applications of Geothermal Energy. Workshop was organised by Geothermal ERA NET leaders, Iceland and the Netherlands, together with IEA Geothermal and also supported by Swiss Federal Office of Energy. 

Trend in renewable energy is changing constantly and with current EU statistics we can notice, a significant growth and importance of geothermal energy each year. New European Union Research and Innovation funding programmes, increased geothermal energy support up to 15% or to almost 70M€ financial support and additional 30M€ in renewable heating and cooling. 

Therefore, it is important to show the possibilities which lies together with new, innovative applications of geothermal. The Geothermal ERA- NET leaders, Orkustofnun and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( organised in the cooperation and supported companies a one- day long workshop to promote and discuss geothermal projects in the European and worldwide areas. 

Workshop showcased and contributed to the awareness of opportunities in the geothermal sector and stimulated growth of the geothermal industry in Europe. It trigger the generation of new ideas and create opportunities with regard to direct utilization of low enthalpy geothermal energy and technology, and encouraged collaboration and knowledge exchange between existing projects and companies working on "Geothermal New Concepts". The crucial point was to show and stimulate new opportunities.

Welcoming note and background briefing of the workshop was held by our hosts Katharina Link (Dr Roland Wyss GmbH), Gunter Siddiqi (SFOE), Brian Carey (GNS Science) and Paul Ramsak (RVO).  The last one, assigned a challenging task for participants by asking everyone to draw the future of geothermal with famous wax crayons from the 100 year old Geneva- based company "Caran d´Arche".  The outcome of the drawing will be presented as a part of the proceeding released in spring 2016. 

Workshop sessions focused on 

  1. EGS projects + direct use applications
  2. Direct use applications (new concepts – built environment)
  3. Direct use applications (new concepts – other sectors) 
  4. Innovative Applications of Geothermal Direct Use worldwide
  5. Visionary Panel Discussion 

The outcome of the meeting was very positive and we are looking forward for follow up of the Joint Activity and creative power business which can be developed within the geothermal energy.  

Publications available on our website in Publications- direct link. 

Ruggero Bertani (Enel Green Power, Italy) presenting his drawing about future of geothermal energy  

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