New Ways of Working meeting in Brussels

Meeting in Brussels on October 5, 2015 


New Ways of Working is a Joint Activity within the Geothermal ERA NET programme. The joint meeting took place in Brussels on October 5, 2015 and was led by Iceland and Switzerland partners. Meeting objective was based on financial instruments and funding of RD&D and geothermal projects, and shows the barriers and opportunities, and policy recommendation.

Welcoming note was held by Guðni A. Jóhannesson, an ERA NET coordinator and chairman of the meeting and followed by talk of Susanna Galloni, Research Programme Officer from EU Commission. The workshop was divided into two sessions, morning and afternoon. The first session focused on “R&D Activities in ERA NET countries by finding national research funding needs, barriers and opportunities, and policy recommendations” and the second one aimed at “Projects in ERA NET countries and national project funding, needs, barriers and opportunities, and policy recommendations”. 

The Joint Activity "New Ways of Working" workshop was a first step to improve the working practice of national funding institutions and the collaboration with their European counterparts.

The main objective of the working group was to :

  1. Analyse the financial instruments that are available and how they operate by mapping the operational structure of the different national funding bodies, including policy and funding rules in R&D and industrial projects.
  2. Highlight the main barriers and opportunities, and improve their collaboration system 

Meeting closed with the round-table discussion of speakers and participants with marking the next steps of cooperation. Focus of the Joint Activity will be put on mapping of current financial framework and instruments for geothermal business projects, challenges and policy options, and opportunities by attracting more financing for geothermal projects and increasing the awareness of country, regional and local decision makers on geothermal potential projects. 

Presentations  available in Publications - direct link 

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