Meeting in Offenburg

Meeting in Offenburg in March 2015 was ERA-NET members meeting focused on presenting results from meeting in Leiden and making final decision on action plan for the Joint Activities and their kick offs in 2015.


As a final decision, seven specific Joint Activities were developed by the designated steering committees (two countries for each action) and the Work Package 4 leaders. As an output of the seminar, proposed Joint Activities began in April and May 2015 and focus on following issues:

  1. NWW – New ways of working: Financial Instruments and Funding of RD&D and Geothermal Projects
  2. OpERA – RD&D Knowledge Exchange on operational issues of geothermal installations inEurope
  3. PRGeo - RD&D Knowledge Exchange on public relations for geothermal energy
  4. New Concepts- for innovative application in geothermal energy production and usage
  5. ReSus - RD&D Knowledge Exchange on reservoir sustainability
  6. Tuning EGIP (European Geothermal Information Platform) for target users
  7. Geostat - Towards Consistency of geothermal data.

Their first results will be available in September and October 2015 after ERA-NET general meetings.

Meeting in Offenburg had also an opportunity to introduce the Geothermal ERA- NET consortium to answer to the EU call EE 09-2015 which is under Energy Efficiency - Market Uptake. The title of the call is “Empowering stakeholders to assist public authorities in the definition and implementation of sustainable energy policies and measures”.

Information on proposed Joint Activities actions are available in “Report on common interests & Action plan for joint activities” called Deliverable D4.2.

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