New Report from EGIP Team

European Geothermal Information Platform 


Report describes the main insight and outcome that could be gathered from the web survey that was set up in the frame of a Joint Activity (JA) performed within Geothermal ERA-NET project. 

The main aims of this Joint Activity  are as follows: 

  • define the principal groups of stakeholder (SH) interested in the implementation of a European Geothermal Information Platform (EGIP), 
  • identify where will EGIP add the most value –or meet requirements of SHs, 
  • assess the EGIP interest and necessity, and rank priorities of implementation of EGIP,
  • strengthen the shared understanding or awareness of SHs on some available portals. 
Having these points covered is an important part of the requirement gathering for EGIP. More about results and findings you can read at following link-->  REPORT on EGIP web survey


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